Commercial night vision company. Forefront in human temperature screening and thermal night vision.

For over a decade, Omnisense Systems has been developing, manufacturing, and marketing advanced night vision and EO/IR sensing systems specifically for civilian applications and COTS solutions for military and law enforcement agencies.

Applying the technological advances gained from military applications, we design and develop new products and solutions for civilian, private, and public sectors such as pleasure yachting, commercial shipping, private and public security, emergency, and healthcare services.


Our founding members have extensive experience in vision systems, infrared thermography, and advanced mechanical design.

Omnisense Systems invests heavily in building our R&D team. As a result, we have built significant capabilities in highly integrated digital system design and development, which includes but is not limited to hardware, software, industrial and mechanical design.

Over the years, we developed exceptional manufacturing and maintenance capabilities. Our highly automated infrared temperature calibration lab is probably the region’s most advanced privately owned setup.