Omnisense Systems, the manufacturer of the Sentry’s family of Mass Fever Screening System (MFSS) today announced the appointment of Invisible Health Technologies (IHT), as its authorized value-added reseller for the Sentry MK4 – Mass Fever Screening System in the United States. The partnership will allow both companies to address the growing demand for Mass Fever Screening System (MFSS), and enable Omnisense Systems to continue to expand its foothold in the United States.

IHT specialized in Mass Fever Screening Systems and other health technologies that aid businesses with their COVID-19 reopening plans. It is the first company to introduce the Sentry MK4 – Mass Fever Screening System technology to the US market.

The Sentry MFSS was first deployed in Singapore and throughout Asia for almost two decades, with development history dating back to the 2003 SARs pandemic. It is the most accurate thermal fever screening system that is built from the ground up. Sentry MFSS is designed for deployment in high traffic areas where effective screening operation is necessary to quickly and accurately identify suspected individuals without causing an unnecessary obstruction. The thermal fever camera scans for elevated body temperatures and alerts the operator when someone appears out of range.

Sentry MFSS is not only found in ports of entry but can be found in many hospitals, schools, banks, commercial and industrial buildings, they can even be found at zoo entrances, concert halls and museums.

“The COVID-19 pandemic impacted American businesses and their customers in ways that no one could predict. Now, as the country starts to reopen, business owners must develop strategies that will keep employees and customers safe, as well as give them long-term peace of mind when it comes to their health,” said Andrew Southern, CEO and Co-Founder of IHT. “While we know this is not an end-all, be-all solution, thermal fever screening systems need to be part of the toolkit available to business owners that also allows for minimal disruption to what the workplace or businesses used to look like. To maintain this sense of normalcy and morale for customers and employees as the country prepares to live and practice business in a new reality, we are offering the Sentry MK4 as it is the most proven, accurate mass fever screening technology globally available.”

IHT is committed to helping businesses protect the health and well-being of their employees and reduce dangerous and costly outbreaks. IHT believes that the right technology will play a vital role in transforming our new world into a place with cleaner environments than existed before. Industries that can benefit from IHT’s expertise, include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Commercial & Residential Buildings
  • Shopping Malls & Retail
  • Stadiums & Amusement Parks

About Omnisense Systems

Omnisense Systems is a Singapore based manufacturer of Mass Fever Screening and Thermal Night Vision, whose Mass Fever Screening technology has a development history dating back to the SARS pandemic. The Sentry MK4 – Mass Fever Screening System allows for non-obtrusive temperature screening, automatic alerts and 24/7 operation and is accurate to 0.1-degree Celsius. These unique factors allowing for employees and consumers to move freely through crowded locations without needing to stand in lines to be individually checked. The system is employed extensively throughout Singapore and throughout Asia in commercial buildings, industrial plants, airports, hospitals, schools, and other critical facilities, the Sentry MK4 is an essential solution for any modern organization seeking to safeguard their employees during a pandemic outbreak.

About Invisible Health Technologies

Invisible Health Technologies (IHT) is a health technology company specializing in Mass Fever Detection Systems, HyperHEPA Air Filters, and Far-UVC Light Solutions. IHT is on a mission to help provide safety and peace of mind for business and those they serve. Ensuring the health of customers and employees is now a critical duty for all businesses. We all need to feel safe and comfortable at work, at play, and with each other. IHT believes that the right technology will play a vital role in transforming our new world into a place with cleaner environments than existed before.

Newly introduced in the US market, IHT is a leading reseller for Omnisense Systems in the United States, specifically the Sentry MK4 – Mass Fever Screening System. Omnisense is a global leader in fever screening technology and their Sentry MFSS family has been extensively deployed in airports, hospitals, universities and other critical facilities in Singapore since 2009.
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