barbed wires security border

COTS solution for security operations

Securing your borders day and night 24/7

Sentry MK4

Detection. Recognition. Identify.

For deployed forces and law enforcement professionals in the field, the ability to identify an unknown target is critical for safety and mission execution. The same is true for border control or coastguards patrolling lengths of coastline and territorial waterways, having thermal surveillance capabilities reinforce existing security measures, adding a further layer to persistent surveillance and early detection.

Sentinel Lite

Sentinel VX

Reliable long-range remote border surveillance

The Sentinel VX’s dual payload lets you secure a vast land area from a distance. The LWIR thermal sensor detects heat signature in the lowest light, darkness, and haze, while the low light CMOS color camera can sight targets at distances.

Ulysses series marine night vision cameras

Delivers superior infrared images day or night.


Ultra performance multi-sensor thermal camera

Ulysses packs quality into a rugged marine-grade platform with gyro-stabilization and best-in-class optical sensors.

Ulysess marine night vision system thermal camera

Ulysses micro

High performance compact thermal camera

High performance and affordable marine thermal imaging system specifically designed for yacht masters and mariners.

Ulysses Micro Marine Night Vision