First Impression of the Ulysses Micro With today announced that the “Omnisense Ulysses Micro Thermal Camera Testing is Underway” (Stein/Panbo, 2022). Although the testing is not yet complete, this long-anticipated evaluation by the respected media group has so far provided good feedback. The website posted a teaser article today that positively mentions the simple installation and image clarity and contrast.

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Yma Bosma first started the blog back in 2004. Ben Ellison volunteered to take over the site after writing his first article in 2005. In 2018 “Ben Stein joined as Contributing Editor, then spearheaded the complete website rebuild that went live in late March, and became Panbo’s Publisher in September. Both Bens will continue researching, testing, and writing about marine electronics, and future site improvements are in the works. Thanks to all for visiting and especially for contributing” (“About Panbo,” 2020). 

There is not set date for the release of the full review. But stand by for further information. Click here to read the full article:



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